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Argyll JACOB SHEEP, raised here on the farm for their lamb, mutton, fleece and rugs

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Kintaline Farm : JACOB SHEEP
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KINTALINE JACOB SHEEP FLOCK All bred and reared here in Argyll
We only have a small flock -- we only have a small farm!
Over the years they have mainly been an essential part of our grazing management for the birds, and a superb source of scrummy meat for ourselves.
As such they are a perfect breed, and our flock has evolved into a hardy, healthy, easy to handle and manage flock of characters.
We do not show - all the shows are in the summer when we are SO busy with visitors and customers here at the farm. Also the nearest ones with any decent Jacob classes are hours away. The Jacob Sheep Society visited us last year and were amazingly complementary of our girls.

Our flock is good, easy lambing, easy to care for and handle, as well as being productive. We are aiming to improve the type, and are working towards a Four horned flock, but have both two and four horned girls at present.

Several years ago we tried a different cross - using a Blue Faced Leicester tup and the fleeces have been wonderful.
The girls have now faded into gorgeous toffee colours, and now turning grey with the most amazing curls. We hope to do this cross again this year. Kintaline Argyll Jacob blue faced leicester lambs 2015
Some of our girls have a new 4 horned pure Jacob boy; the BFL crosses and a couple of our Jacobs have been with a BFL boy - excited about our 2015 lambs.
Take a look at a growing album of our 2015 lambs on facebook -- is there anything so cute as spotty babies? --
Kintaline Argyll Jacob lambs 2015Kintaline Argyll Jacob blue faced leicester lambs 2015

Meat : - for visitors to the Oban area, and locals living in the Lorn area, we have meat for sale, sometimes. Some lambs go in their first year, some we keep back for hogget and mutton.

Spring 2015 - fresh Jacob Hogget available in the freezer now (Our meat hangs for the next 10 days or so to maximize flavour and texture. We now have a limited selection of joints, chops, mince and stew. Just so delicious .. more flavour than lamb and more tender than mutton. This was for sale fresh for a week or so, but is now frozen from the farm.

We are part of the Local Origins Rural Network which is a network working together to create a sustainable community in our area and that includes making it easier to get meat from our pasture to plate.
Mutton as cooked by Thom, Tim and Trevor - the Three Hungry Boys on Channel 4 March 2010, glad you enjoyed it so much, boys, you know where to come for more !

Fleece : - we have a few fleeces for sale each year for spinning, felting, weaving, and now have carded fibre for sale - roving and batts, and in each of the colours separated out. This is all for sale at Kintaline.

jacob sheep grazing

We have added a few Manx Loaghtan wedders to our flock for their fleeces. Looking forward to enjoying their fleeces too.

What do we do with our fleeces ? - Spinning and Weaving -

Rugs : - To get the most from our boys we send the skins to be tanned at Skyeskyns.

Tim and Jill Bowis
Kintaline Mill Farm, Benderloch, OBAN Argyll PA37 1QS Scotland
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jacob fleece fibre roving carded batts

jacob cross blue faced leicester lambs

Here at Kintaline Farm we have very full days with our plants and livestock outside, family, guests and customers visiting the farm, as well as email and phone customers.
Please email with your daytime and evening telephone numbers if you are having difficulties getting hold of us by phone. We will return your call as soon as we can.

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Proud to be members and committee for our local Sustainability Network : Local Origins Rural Network

Our Internet provider here is Plusnet, we have been with them for many many years, even with our weak exchange we get a very reliable service, which just does what we want, without fuss or bother.